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Marija (it’s pronounced ‘Maria’) earned her Master of Science Degree in Acupuncture from Tri-State College of Acupuncture in New York City. Her style is a blend of Acupuncture Physical Medicine (APM) and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). She is currently studying Sports Medicine Acupuncture with Matt Callison. Marija is also deeply involved in the practice and study of Alchemical Acupuncture and is actively engaged in a mentorship with Lorie Dechar and Benjamin Fox.

Marija specializes in trigger point dry needling and frequently uses it in treatments to relieve pain, release obstructions and returning the body to a state of ease. She also incorporates manual fascial release techniques to support and enhance the effects of acupuncture.

Marija began studying acupuncture after spending over a decade working in marketing and advertising, where she specialized in web and graphic design. Although she loved her career, she suffered from severe chronic neck and wrist pain caused by working long hours at a computer. Through this experience she learned how small discomforts of ordinary life have the potential to become painfully disruptive and disabling when left untreated. Since then she has devoted herself to the study of healing through Chinese Medicine and is committed to helping people who are experiencing physical and emotional pain.

Marija believes in the concept of mind-body medicine, treating the whole person not just their symptoms. Whether treating muscle pain, athletic injuries, chronic conditions, or working with mental and emotional issues, it is Marija’s goal to help people return to a state of well being and to feel good inside and out, more able to live life fully.


“I can’t say enough wonderful things about Marija at Source Wellness! She is a knowledgeable, intuitive, and extremely talented acupuncturist. She takes time during each visit to understand exactly what is going on with me before coming up with a treatment plan…and she remembers everything! I look forward to each session, and since I started seeing her, I’ve had less muscle tightness, fewer injuries, and a better sense of well-being. She is an amazing acupuncturist and person. I highly recommend her to anyone needing trigger point or traditional acupuncture.”
–Natasha C.

“Being a gym owner and coach, it is imperative that my clients and athletes have access to knowledgeable practitioners versed in athletic injuries and pain management. It is from my own experience that I trust giving my recommendation of Marija to members of my gym community. As a competitive athlete, I frequently visit Marija to relieve muscle pain and soreness from high volume training. Marija is well informed and her awareness and attention to detail when treating an athlete is excellent. I strongly recommend those experiencing sports injuries or fatigue from training to include visits with Marija as part of your recovery.”
–Andrew D.

“It is very evident, and has been my experience over the years, that Marija adheres to an exceptional practice of treating the whole person. For this reason, not to mention her warm and approachable demeanor, I have recommended numerous family members, friends, and colleagues to her because I am certain that they will receive extraordinarily professional care. Marija is very dedicated to her treatment of others as is clearly shown by her wealth of knowledge about the mind-body connection. Whether I have visited Marija for muscle soreness, stress, allergies, or even just to relax, she has always targeted my needs appropriately and effectively. I can honestly say that Marija has taught me so much about how to support my overall well-being and has given me valuable insight into the inner workings of my own body. Marija’s diligence and patience are unparalleled and I will wholeheartedly continue to advocate for her expertise to those around me!”
–Katie S.

“I began seeing Marija a couple of years ago and my experience has been nothing but positive. I first went to her for an ongoing plantar fasciitis injury I was dealing with. I went to multiple doctors and they told me that I needed to rest for a few weeks and it should help the pain. Marija took a different approach as she wanted me to continue doing the things I enjoy (basketball and other exercise). She was able to completely take the pain away with acupuncture in a few sessions. She was adamant about finding a solution for my pain rather than telling me that I should rest and to stop doing what I love. Marija also healed my tennis elbow a few months back. I continue to go to her for lower back and neck discomfort always feeling better when I leave the treatment center. She is extremely professional, patient, and kind. I highly recommend her.”
–Doug S.